Asurion extended warranty

I see Asurion allows you to buy an extended warranty on Amazon even if you buy your unit from Glowforge directly for only $76.99 for four years! That seems too good to be true but people asked Asurion and they confirmed this is accurate. My only concern is that I heard they don’t honor their policy if the unit is going to be used to make money. Is anyone familiar with this?

Download their terms. Commercial use is excluded.

(I don’t use them and it took me 2 minutes to find…)

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Whaaaaaaat dang it. That’s $76 I wasted then.

You should be able to get a pro rated refund I would give them a call and check. When I worked at Best Buy you could return service plans at any point in time before expiration. :+1:

Do you know of any options what so ever for extended warranty? I’ve been trying to find something but no luck so far.

Do you really believe any profitable company would pay for repair or replacement of a $6000 device for $76?

I suggest you do some research. This particular company has been around for a long time, particularly in the mobile phone “insurance” world. There is plenty of information out there about them.


This topic was a hot debate item on the Facebook group. Many people have messaged and confirmed that they are covered, but I’ve been told wrong things by reps before, so who’s to say whether these interactions were accurate or not. Just as easy to try and make a claim only to have someone receive the “unfortunately, yada yada yada, you were misinformed”.

I can say that the people who made the claims were highly confident in the insurance being honorable, so I thought I’d add this random blurb of info.

If you look up the warranty on Amazon and go to the ask questions section multiple people ask if this warranty does cover the glowforge and a Asurion representative publicly posts multiple times that their warranty does cover it so I have no doubt in my mind that they will cover it especially after stating it publicly. That being said I am excluded anyways due to the no commercial use exclusion. :slightly_frowning_face:

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There’s definitely that gotcha…Many of us have pleaded that GF come out with an official extended warranty, but they’ve yet to do so. I’m not aware of a company that would back a commercial use high dollar item, which is unfortunate for us small fish.

If you’re planning a business around a piece of equipment, the replacement cost of that equipment needs to be factored in.

The life of a GF in a commercial settings is probably around two years. It’s a hobby-grade machine after all - if you want commercial, go look at the price of those devices.

So factor the cost of a replacement into your business plan.

Go ask your real insurance company what would happen to your auto insurance rates if you started using your vehicle for commercial purposes. Insurance companies aren’t in business out of the kindness of their hearts.


Yes it is concerning that a extended warranty is not offered because typically they are HUGE money makers for anyone selling them on pretty much anything. So it does make me wonder why they wouldn’t offer such an option :thinking: maybe they just can’t manage the amount of claims they would get because they aren’t a big enough company.

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That would make sense why they wouldn’t offer it assuming a vast majority of people are using these for a business ventures. Also the shipping back and forth for repair would be a nightmare judging how all these look when they arrive.

Check the terms of the credit card you used to buy your GF, many CCs double the manufacturer warranty on purchases.


My understanding is that the “no commercial” bit actually says “no multi-user commercial”. That a single person can use it commercially.

Which if you think about it makes sense - this warranty is normally used for office equipment - so it would always be “commercial” - they want to make sure that they are not covering a piece of equipment used by a whole team.

However, this is only what I have been told - I’m from the UK and we can’t get this at all


I bought a Plus ($4000), and yes, I expected Asurion to provide insurance on it for only $76. Apple gives me 2 years for $100 on a $4000 laptop, so why wouldn’t Asurion?

Some of us are starting with a GlowForge machine to get into the lasering business. I knew at some point I would need to upgrade because yes, the GF machine is meant to help businesses, not be a business machine. It’s a great entryway machine and best used on small projects.

Though I will say, for being hobby grade, it can deal with a lot of work. I put my Plus through 3 days straight of engraving, cutting, scoring, etc. Did perfect.


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