Atlanta GFers, there's a sale at aircraft spruce this saturday


I need some 1/16" ply, so I may make it down there.


That “aircraft grade” stuff can get expensive, because of its application, it could be considered “proofgrade” because of its consistently.
I don’t know anything about the glues or finish used, but it would probably be the strongest 1/16" to be found.

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2’x4’ piece is about 23 bucks on the 1/16th I think. That comes to about $3/sf. Not like the great price you get for 1/8 baltic (something like $0.60/sf), but a good bit less than what you’d pay for common 1/8 hardwoods, maple tends to run about$6/sf.

I have a direct need for strong 1/16th wood, so this price is within range.

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The aircraft grade plywood uses exterior glue and it is much more difficult to cut with a laser than interior glue used in the typical birch plywood. It also has additional certification over birch plywood made with exterior glue and not considered aircraft grade.

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This is 1/16th ply. I don’t think I’ll have trouble.

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