Atlanta Maker Faire

The Atlanta Maker Faire (promoted from Mini Maker Faire because it’s grown and grown) is coming up in October –

October 1-2, 2016.

I was wondering if GF has any plans on attending?


Unless I’m messing up the dates, I believe the NY maker faire is going on at the same time. GF has already committed to NY and I don’t think they will be attending Atlanta with a second team.

It’s technically possible to do a conference/convention without stress and preparation but I’m guessing every Makerfaire like show they attend involving travel could require 5 days downtime for a third of the company. It makes economic sense for them to participate, but it also stretches the credibility of the “we’re too busy to provide info” argument. Might be interpreted as current customers are a lower priority.


I would love to see a GF in action in Atlanta, but it’s so close to the beginning of fulfillment that it seems unlikely.

We’re always torn about bringing 'Forges on the road - we want you all to be able to see them and love the feedback we get from you all, but don’t want to distract efforts from production. We decided to budget time to do three this year (Seattle, NYC, and bay area).