Attempt #2 Laser cut canvas..success!



I prepared the canvas ahead of time. Layer of glue on the back.

Then painted the front with two layers of acrylic black paint.
Laser cut out the design. I didnt mask it in fear of pulling up the floppy parts so there was smoke stains.

Just repainted using a support piece to keep it level.

I really wanted my original design but had floppy parts so I cut a piece of light blue mylar for the back and glued all the floppy parts down.

Installed the LED strip.

I’ll have to figure out how to make the cord flatter or cut a channel in the frame so it lays flat against the wall.
All lite up.

Canvas boards?
Attaching and cutting photos
SmartHome Connections - Make it Light Up Every Time

Wow, that’s gorgeous! :smiley:


Need more likes! This is great… :thumbsup:


Wow this is great!!! Im out of likes but I promise one in 6 hrs :stuck_out_tongue:


very nice!


You make al of this look so easy. It makes a HUGE difference when you know what you are doing. :grin:


another great project.


That’s super awesome-o! When you cut was the black facing up or did you reverse the canvas? Only asking because of the smoke stains. Do both sides get the stains? That question may make me
sound like a moe-ron but I am what I am…Either way it looks like a real beaut, thanks for sharing!


Extremely pleased that this worked out! The glow around the outside of the frame ends up being part of the look. Kinda like the T.V.s with the LED ambiance lighting. :slight_smile: I suppose once the cord is flat, that will be reduced or eliminated. It’ll look good either way.



It’s beautiful! Thanks for doing that, again with very successful results. Probably a silly question…but if you glued blue mylar to the back, why doesn’t it look 'bluer’ when lit up? Maybe because it’s such a light shade of blue being mixed with very white lights?


I knew you could do it! I love the way you used the strip of LEDs to light it!


Its a pretty light blue but you can see it in real life…hard to capture on camera


I might put spacers around the edge to keep it not flush on the wall for that glow effect…good idea actually.:grinning:


Beautiful, just beautiful.


Using the air assist caused the smoke. Apparently canvas is flammable…lol. I cut it face up…easy fix with putting another layer of paint. Without floppy parts, I would probably mask it.


Sweet! And now the rest of us know how to do it.


This looks great! Thanks for demonstrating your process!


that’s great, thx for the reply @smcgathyfay! :v:


Your work is truly amazing. I love the step by step pics.


Your posts are always so informative and turn out beautifully!