Attempting first cut, but it’s too blurry to read code!

I’m attempting to do my first project and when I put in the proofgrade material, the camera is blurry and not reading the code. I’ve cleaned all of the lenses, adjusted room lighting, and rotated the material (all suggestions from a previous/identical post), but nothing seems to be helping.

Ok, after messing with it for a while it finally somehow read the code, but it’s still crazy blurry!

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Should read the label, but blurry is normal. Every machine is blurry at the corners.


Choose the material from the material drop down menu and proceed. The machine sometimes can’t read the code.


Thank you! I kinda freaked when I saw an older post with the same issue and the guy had to return his machine. But it seems like it’s working ok for now!!! Thanks again for the clarifications and help!

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Welcome @krisking14, I am sorry you hit a snag! It’s possible for the QR code to look blurry, but still be interpreted successfully by the app. The most recent prints I investigated all showed that this check was successful. If you run into this issue again, please start a new thread or email us at