Attn; @andy99

Attention; @andy_y

That’s the problem…I can’t get any email from Glowforge at all…therefore, I cannot receive the one from you. You closed the post before I could respond. Perhaps you could send me a message here on the forum, please? Thank you for contacting me here, though.

@Xabbess I’m so sorry for closing the post prematurely and not understanding your issue. I thought you were not receiving your daily digest of posts from the community forum and suggested contacting to help get it sorted.

If you aren’t receiving any emails from us, including the one I sent you today, I will follow up to see if we have any help for that.

Thanks, Andy

If you read my first post again, you will see the link to the message that I got from “system” saying that emails to me were bouncing and for me to doublecheck everything on my end…where of course nothing has been changed.

We’re researching… more when we learn more!


Thank you. It’s really appreciated that you kept me updated…that means a lot.


I haven’t gotten any useful insight yet – I’m not done researching, but am curious. Have you received any forum emails yet? Have you received emails from Glowforge that aren’t forum? Are you receiving the other emails you expect in your inbox? Assuming the problem continues, would you dig through your spam once more and let me know if you find anything?

More as soon as I learn it!

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Just replied to your email to me…which I was glad to see. Have not received any forum email in several days, now. Receiving all other email that I would expect to see. I use the MAIL app on a Mac, but I also went online to my providers site and looked there at email …wondering if any might be there that had not been forwarded to my inbox in MAIL. I just checked that again right now…and nothing in the spam folder in either place.

Thank you! I’ve made a change… let’s see if it worked!

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