Audible done indication

I’ve read some other comments about Glowforge adding an audible tone of some kind to alert you that etching is complete. Some of the replies thought this was unnecessary because you can hear it finish. This is great if you are in the same room as the glowforge, but many of us are not. In fact my Glowforge is in the garage because I have no way to vent the fumes. Please, GlowForge, add this option.

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Leaving the room while your Glowforge is operating is a good way to burn down the garage.


Also Glowforge staff doesn’t read the forum. Email your ideas to


Pretty much zero chance GF will add a feature that helps users operate their unit in an unsafe manner, but you can certainly ask…


If you must leave your :glowforge: , then set up a camera that’s watching it that you can see on your phone - then you’ll still know when it’s done (and hey, if you get a camera with a microphone you can hear it as well).


Oh, lordy, as one of the many who’ve lost machines to fires, I have to chime in with the “don’t walk away from it!” crowd. Only a couple of minutes of turning my attention to something else (grandchildren) was all it took! I wouldn’t even trust a camera to get my attention in time, honestly, because the fire happens right underneath the most important parts, so it only takes seconds to destroy your machine.

OTOH if you MUST leave the machine unattended, a camera might be enough to save your house, at least.


having not lost a machine to fire because I was standing there and put it out before it took out the machine, I will agree that this is a poor concept.

That said, I would like audible indicators during the passthrough process that tell me it is done taking pictures and another one telling me that it is done guessing on the next alignment. Those are the phases where one need not watch.


YES. I’ve been banging this drum for so long.


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