Aura not aligning lpi properly!

:roll_eyes: Whyyyyy does this happen whenever I print large? I clean the rails before every job. So frustrating!! I’ve ruined several pieces of wood and hours of my life :disappointed: thank you :pray:

There is something restraining the head. Whenever that happens the machine loses track of where the zero point is and the engrave goes on from that. Figure out what is hanging it up and it will stop doing it. Without that the jumping will continue. I don’t have an Aura so I cannot be more specific.
If you can turn the machine off (and unplug it) and then move the head around with your hand, you may feel where the problem is.


I’ll check it out next chance i get. I did notice that when it moves from the far right to left that it makes a funny little vibration for a split second on the right like the head was dragging. Hm. Thanks!


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I cleaned the rails really well, but it happened again. I can’t understand what the problem is, though I do see marks all along one of the rails and I can’t help but wonder if it was a machining problem in creating the rods. I feel as if the carriage is dragging due to these marks because I can feel a mild vibration as the carriage moves across this area of the rail. I’m going to contact Glowforge.

PS It’s not as dirty as the photo makes it appear. I need to vacuum those pieces out, but I can assure you that the machine is plenty clean otherwise.


Must ask…just in case…when you cleaned the rails, did you also clean the underside of them as well as where they enter and exit the head?

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yes, several times. Look at this photo I just took of the marks on the one rail. I was just downstairs trying to figure out what is wrong and there is definitely a drag when I move the printhead over that area. It can’t possibly be any cleaner lol.

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Without knowing the Aura and what you can and cannot do, I am wondering if it is something inside the printhead that is caught. It could be a broken roller (the other machines have had that issue) or some sort of sticky wedge that jams intermittently.

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