Aura setup...permanent yellow button

I have done everything as per instructions but I have a yellow light (after getting the teal light for wifi setup and all that). Head has calibrated (I think) and now it has been stuck on “focusing” for about 2 hours. I tried online chat…they will send me an email. I tried phone support, they will send me an email…suggestions?

Welcome to the forum. My first thought is to ask what the temperature is in the room?


Good afternoon. The room is about 68F. I finally got it working through, plugging, unplugging, checking cables, blah blah blah…I appreciate you reaching out!


Glad to hear that you got it up an running again.


I’m so glad to hear it! And I’m surprised about the “send you an email” - did you call during the support hours (I believe 9-5 PT, but I may have that wrong)? Ditto chat. You can also use discord support - that’s monitored too!


I did both of these during the middle of the business day.

Discord Chat…LOL…I posed my question in one of the chats…I was told to try a different chat…I tried the chat suggested, the same person said I should try a different chat. I gave up!

Everything appears to be working just fine now…thanks for your concern!


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