Australian delivery scheduled for this month..........whoohooo

Well, August has finally arrived and after 3 years and 4 months since ordering, the time has finally come. I’m so excited!


You got a golden ticket!?

Fingers crossed for you.


Haha, no, but my account details still say August 31st so it’s more like wishful thinking!


Oh, I sure hope it really happens for you this time. Same here as @davidgal2…keeping fingers crossed for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s hoping all our Australian friends get their machines very soon!


Fingers crossed it doesn’t get to the 21st and then moved back another year… again… :-/ not holding my breath this time, but keep adding up the amount of bonus store credits :smiley:


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What’s the offer on credits Tom, I don’t think I made the first run of orders as I ordered in April 2016.

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I can’t remember the exact details, but either $10 or $20 in the shop for each month past the initial date? Someone else will know the details better than me, I just keep checking for when the date goes forward another 6 months :frowning:


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It’s $20/month.


Any update on this @dan?

We are now just over 2 weeks away from the promised Aug 31 ship date. Have you got approval to export to Australia? Or are we waiting for yet another disappointment at the eleventh hour? I ordered on 24/9/15 so have had my fair share of delays.

We have had no update for a couple of months, and the silence is uncomfortable.


Someone on one of the Aussie Glowforge Facebook groups posted a few days ago saying they’d just received the mythical shipping email, but I haven’t seen any others back it it up. I’ve been checking my emails a lot this week, just in case it comes through🤞


I just received this email from Glowforge when I queried delivery. It’s about 5 days away and they say its still their estimate. Not sure how it will get her in five days or whether that’s the date it leaves the USA.

Michael B (Glowforge)

Aug 23, 2:16 PM PDT

Hi Michelle,

I just double-checked with our team and confirmed that the date shown on your account is still our current estimate. Keep an eye out for an email from us soon with more information!


Michael B

Any advice is not intended to replace or contradict the user manual. For safe operation of your Glowforge, always follow the instructions in the manual at

M Guiney

Aug 15, 1:02 AM PDT

Hi I’m scheduled for August 31st for delivery which is only 2 weeks away and I’m so excited but I haven’t received the promised email yet.
Is there anything I need to do, perhaps confirm delivery address or something?
Michelle Guiney



When they say delivery, its the start of the delivery process. You get an email confirming details and it goes in the process of being shipped from the factory. It won’t arrive in 5 days. It should read maybe Shipping date for a more accurate term.

I’m in the same situation so I hope it goes ok.

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I’m in Australia too and it’s been 4 years for me (2015). Did they change the date again? I can’t find it anymore. :frowning:

That used to be a good thing. It meant the delivery email was imminent. But, no idea now.

says 31st August, but to check email coming up to the date,

" |Glowforge Pro|August 31, 2019|
|Air Filter|November 30, 2019|

This date is our best forecast based on scheduled production rates, and may be updated as new information becomes available. Watch your email in the days leading up to your Glowforge delivery for important updates and information!"

…Still waiting for the email.

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OMG. This is exciting. Best of luck.


Hi guys any update on Australian shipping? I cancelled my order last month and now not so sure that was the best decision :grimacing:

Sadly it wasn’t a good decision. Check the Glowforge Australia fb site. They are being delivered.