Australian is Christmas!

Any other Aussies finding their shipping/delivery dates moving further and further away as the months pass?
I ordered April 2016, it’s just becoming a little tedious being shunted the the end of the list as more recent, local orders get placed and delivered. Not happy Jan!

Not important, but possibly April 2016? Sept 24th 2015 was the first day.

For sure, thanks for that

I’ve got mine (via private import through a forwarder) be very cautious with continuing to wait for your machine. And I mean this is a warning to all Australian customers, if your machine breaks expect some very heft costs involved with your warranty. My machine has suddenly stopped working after only 3 months…it literally worked one second on a 20 minute engraveing job and then poof…shes dead. They have outright refused to pay for the shipping of my current broken machine back to them or for the sending of a new machine to me. Just so you are aware it’s going to be about $2000 all up to send one of these back and get a new one sent to you if you are in Australia.

Omg really, it lasted 3 months. Why $2000, is that all for shipping?
Are they serious. Selling a dodgey product and then basically making it too hard to return.
You need to repost this to the International part in the forum. I opened this one just to vent on the date extension.
I’m really wondering if it’s better to cancel after reading this.
How much tax did you have to pay through customs?

Yeah mate only 3 months before it died, pretty bs since all up it cost me close to 5k to get here. One of my mates also got one and his first one arrived with the coolant system split wide open and the whole inside was filled with coolant.

I think I will be posting it thete for sure. I’m not usually one to rock the boat but if they think I’m gonna lay down and cop this they have another thing coming.

As for the shipping because I used a forwarding company to get mine here it was 950 with a freight handling fee of 205. Plus import tax of 455 when it landed in Aus.

The shit part is that because we are outside the US they won’t even assist you getting it back to them. You have to organise shipping it back to them yourself through a forwarding company as they will only accept returns and issue a warranty return label to a return coming from a US address. This means you have to send it to a us forwarding service and then ask for the return labels to be sent there then the forwarding service can send it on. Then you need to repeate the whole process in reverse and it’s a total nightmare.

This was the last message I got from them

Nov 16, 5:11 PM PST

Hi Reece,

I apologize for the miscommunication on our instruction for you to keep using the machine.

Per our warranty international customers are responsible for the cost of shipping and insuring an authorized warranty return to Glowforge and for prepayment of return shipping.

Unfortunately, we are only able to send a warranty replacement back to an address in the US, and set up return shipping labels from an address in the US. I wish there was more I could do to help.

Oh boy, what a right royal pain in the arse.
I think I’m gonna investigate another machine, one I can get serviced in Australia.
Thanks for the info. Cheers and good luck, I’m glad you’re going to hold them to it.

So if I buy something in Australia that I can’t buy in the U.S. but bring it back to the States with me and it breaks, the Australian company will pay for me to ship it back and they’ll fix it & send it back for free?

That’s very cool. I didn’t know Australian companies would do that.

In your case I expect it would be different if you had waited for them to be shipping to Australia. It seems you have a warranty law like the EU where it’s 2yrs and includes two-way shipping. They have been replacing EU units and covering the shipping under warranty.


Yes that’s correct they will, we have very tough domestic and international consumer protection laws.

It’s good to know they have honored shipping costs in those countries. Fingers crossed if I pay for a new one to be shipped to me they start shipping to Aus in April next year and I will be covered for two years.

That’s good to know. A woman who works for me had that very problem. Her daughter was at school in Australia and she bought something there she brought home. It broke a month or so afterward and when she sent them an email they said they don’t ship to the U.S. so they’d fix it if she returned to Perth or if she sent it to her daughter there. Funny thing she was actually checking to see how much they’d charge for fixing it. She didn’t expect the warranty to apply. She’s gonna be thrilled she can have them pay for fixing it & the shipping both ways. (Her daughter finished University so has returned to the states.)

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Under the ACCC guidelines the company should be liable for consumer warranty repairs both foreign and domestic. There is an exact excerpt within the guidelines of the accc that states if the item or product is found to be faulty and the item or product is either too large, heavy or difficult to return then it is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer to cover any costs incurred during the return shipping process. If she mentions she has co tasted the accc and the consumer ombudsmen they will replace it faster than you can blink.

Thanks. I’ll let her know.

I’ve read a lot of your posts about how bad the company is treating you… and I should probably shut up and not even reply.


You circumvented the entire system. You bought a US unit. You jumped the line by sending it to a US address and forwarding it from there when your country hasn’t even been cleared for shipping yet. You saw the estimated delivery date was 4 months away, and said, well, I will just send it to a US address and forward it.

It doesn’t work that way.

Even if your country has warranty laws, it doesn’t work that way because you purchased a US unit.

I’m sorry, but that’s just reality.

Glowforge is not unique in this. Nikon, Apple, Canon, etc all have policies around this very thing.


Yes you are correct there i did circumnavigate the delay in shipping by taking it into my own hands.
i do understand that expecting them to ship to a country they dont currently ship to is a bit far fetched and i understand that if i want it to happen right here right now i might have to spend the money.
What has caused my level of displeasure is initially i was given a very stone walled version of the return policy that simply stated they would not cover the shipping irregardless of if they ship to my country already or not.

the following is a direct clip from an email i got from them.

I see that you are currently in Australia, and right now we are not ready to ship internationally. Here are the current options we recommend if you would like to proceed with a warranty replacement:

1. You can continue to use your unit until we are ready for international shipping. We will email you when we are ready to ship to Australia and we can replace your Glowforge. For international customers, parts and repairs are free, but shipping is not included.

To me this last section here reads that even once they ship to my country they will not be paying shipping, if i am correct this means that it doesn’t matter if i had of waited for them to ship to me it would not make a difference.

They followed this by saying

Per our warranty, international customers are responsible for the cost of shipping and insuring an authorized warranty return to Glowforge and for prepayment of return shipping.

Unfortunately, we are only able to send a warranty replacement back to an address in the US, and set up return shipping labels from an address in the US. I wish there was more I could do to help

Then there was conflicting information between these emails i received in response to my initial ticket/what the actual warranty return states and the reports that have been coming forth from customers in the EU.
They say they do not cover warranty shipping internationally at all regardless of if they currently ship to your country or not yet i have had several people from the EU come forward saying they had their shipping covered fully by glowforge both ways as below.

I’m in UK. Ours developed some major alignment and power repeatability issues so GF replaced it. No cost to return the old one- they sent us shipping labels to fix to it and arrange collection. We also had the new one here before we sent the old one back so weren’t laser-less.

My question to them after hearing both of these things was this, will waiting for my country to fall onto the a list of countries shipped to then mean i get free shipping on my warranty, or will my country be treated differently to the EU. so far it looks like i am getting shafted regardless, if there was a guarantee that i would get free warranty shipping once my country is being shipped to i would wait it out and simply grin and bare it but so far every response has been very generic and avoided the question.