Auto detect

I have just used proofgrade, qr coded medium maple plywood. The machine detected it but it has not cut through the wood. any ideas?!

Make sure your optics are clean, the two windows, the lens and the mirror.

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I did that! I checked the crumb tray too. Thanks!

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Well, I don’t want to get your hopes up, but there has been someone who had the problem, and support adjusted the machine remotely if I remember correctly.
They will have to go over your machine’s logs to determine what the issue is.

Support doesn’t monitor this forum anymore, you will have to email them or chat through the support channel in the UI. Good Luck!

Thanks! I ran an alignment print & this happened. I have contacted support so just await their reply!

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That looks like it is a problem in the gantry belt that it somehow jammed at the last minute :slightly_frowning_face: or became too loose.

I am more than a little cross, this is a replacement ‘reconditioned’ machine that doesn’t work. Bugger!

There are several possibilities, most of which are not a big deal. The screw that holds the tension of the belt would be the first thing I would check. It would not be a big thing if it did come loose as you would just need to pull the belt tight again and tighten it, as as seen in your test it did fine until it didn’t so would have passed that test.

Before that I would take many “selfies” of the bottom of the gantry from end to end. and post here so we could see what is happening, and do a reply from Glowforge’s reply to your last email on the subject. (or your email if they have not replied as yet.) with the same photos.

I have had 2 refurb replacements and each was better than the last even when first received. (the last not warranty)

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