Auto-save versions? Make a copy? How can I preserve bed layout and settings?

I have a print laid out, settings took forever and got them all set.
Now I print to a new material, changing the settings.
Now I can’t go back.

If I keep the browser window open and am careful that nothing reloads, I can sometimes hit Ctrl-Z a bunch of times, but that option is gone easily (tab closes, laptop restarts, page reloads, software glitch, etc…)

Since auto-save was implemented, I’ve found myself needing a way to fork the version, so I can change the layout or settings without destroying the file.

Please give us a “make a copy” option, a way to go back in versions, or ideally a way to export the bed layout and settings.



Great questions. You may find this post helpful…

I’m afraid that thread confirms the problem, rather than solving it. If we could save copies along the way, this would work.

@dan is this in the hopper?

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Many times I don’t need “Auto Save”, however there are times when I want to save my settings. It seems that some of the problems could be resolved with a manual “Save” button in the GFUI. The “Auto Save” could be a user selectable Option setting if still needed…

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This is certainly my preference as well.
However, I guess the ultimate would be to have AutoSave for everybody as well, but do it like Office products do it… “I have these versions of this… Do you want any of them?”

Thanks for the suggestions and feedback! I’ve passed them on to the team.