Automata and the World of Flat

Here is a really interesting site. I happened to remember that most “Steam Punk” machines were made with crazy gears and other flat mechanics that could move and cause objects to do certain amazing things. In my search I came across several books regarding old fashioned toys made out of plywood. I remember these books and I think I have them in a box somewhere. Never knew that they might be used again.
Here is a interesting site I found:

I really want to go back to these things/toys and ages of wonder. Why we have abandoned these creative ventures and things of the past are beyond me. We say that we don’t have time anymore… and can sit down every night and stare at a television for hours. (Off topic rant:P)


This is something my husband and I are really excited about too - designing and making toys for our son, and helping him design and make his own when he is old enough.

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I’ve had a few automata designs floating around my noggin for a while, really looking forward to making them come to life with a GF.