Automated camera registration for repetitive die cutting?

I just found this video from Epilog demonstrating their eView Camera Module. I like the idea of putting pre-marked sheets without repetitive manual registration into the machine and it will die cut them. Anything like this in the works for Glowforge?

Epilog eView Software - Camera Registration for Laser Die Cutting Printed Materials


Great question. Dovetails with this thread on indexing. Saving a project’s specs would be great. Templates to load. I have to find a real life laser cutter to see what is standard for setting up projects.

Functionality like this would be amazing, and super useful. I could see myself using that a lot.

The GF hardware makes it possible, so it’s just a matter of having the software support it. Maybe something like that will be in a future software update.

I think it’s a great idea. It’s already in the feature hopper.

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@Dan would that be future feature hopper or the current feature hopper?

There’s just one hopper. : )

It’s the list for consideration to do later.

Ok, I hope it has a big old nozzle…

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