Autonomous SmartDesk



I’m planning on buying one of these soon, and was just curious if anyone in this community has any first hand experience with one? Or the company itself? The reviews seem really positive. :slight_smile:

Pretty awesome if you ask me, and a much better deal than anything I’ve been able to find in a comparable product.

Photo to share of my Autonomous Smart desk w/ Glowforge on it
I think I found my Glowforge table

Interesting…I often thought of getting something like this for my son…He has aspergers and hates sitting still while doing his schoolwork…
Often jumps on his mini trampoline between sessions…lol
Ive heard that they help since you cam move around. Although I have a feeling he would just play with it moving it up and down repeatively…

Funny that at 10am the guy is standing and by 4 hes done and slouching in the chair…


I have looked at standing desks off and on over the last year or so. I’m not familiar with this brand but the price almost seems too good to be true compared to others I looked at in the $500 to $900 range. If you get one, please keep us posted on how it works out.


Those are beautiful and really cool. I was also interested in some of the other products they make.


I just started my first desk ever in my working life. I have to say sitting is weird to me. I keep falling asleep at the computer. Maybe something like this would be helpful!


I have an adjustable desk at work, stand and use the computer or lower it and sit when I need to review papers. Really makes the day go better instead of sitting all day.


I work as an analyst at a call center - the agents that are on the call floor all have desks and keyboard trays that can raise and lower so they can stand or sit. It really makes a difference and some agents prefer to stand most of the time.


I used to work at Research in Motion back in the day (before/during the layoffs and the name change to Blackberry)
We had desks that were on hydraulics like that so you could sit or stand and work when you want. It was absolutely one of the best desks I’ve ever had and can’t wait for the day when I have more money so I can buy one for my personal office.


Another alternative you might consider, which costs a lot less, is to get a tall desk and tall drafting chair that you can hop in and out of.

I hacked an IKEA desk so that it’s exactly the right height for me to stand at, then got a drafting chair (as nice as most office chairs, and on wheels, but tall), so the desk isn’t what moves, I am. It works great and costs less than half the price of a stand desk that moves, and you never have to worry about the desk’s mechanism sticking or breaking. When I stand, I oftentimes also stand on one of those inflatable, disc-shaped balance pads that are designed for core-strength exercises. It gives me fantastic core strength, balance, and ankle strength.


Great comments back everyone. Thanks for that. :slight_smile:
But it seems like no one else here has any direct experience with this specific desk. Guess I’ll give it a go and report back!


I am very interested in the diy kit, which is both more adjustable and cheaper than the best on-desk solution I have seen yet. I like Morgan’s idea, but at $299 for the 2 motor one, the simple fact that my thighs are 20" long has me doubting I can find a drafting chair tall enough to absorb that sit/stand height difference for much less than that! And of course, my inner geek loves the whole motorized push-button operation thing too.:slight_smile:


One of my many cousin’s has a son with Angelman’s and the only way they can get him to sit down for any length of time is on a yoga ball for a chair.
Then others would use it while he wasn’t at the desk and now they have yoga balls all over because everyone prefers using them at their desks heh.


Ikea sells motorized desk legs that work great - you can build a huge sit-stand desk for $400!


I got one of these delivered two weeks ago and simply love it.


Oh, excellent. Can you tell me which options you chose and how you like everything? Thanks


What about one of those stability ball chairs? He could kind of bounce and balance and stuff while “sitting” at the desk he has now.


I ordered the single motor frame and a Walnut top. I added on the accessory kit which includes the speaker, USB hub and wireless phone charger.
At the time I ordered there was no option to order the frame only.
I like the walnut, it is a nice veneer and looks very sharp. If I had to do it over I would probably only order the frame and would make a solid wood top, the veneer seems like it will scratch easily, however I have not proven that yet. Another thing to note is that the veneer is much lighter weight than a solid wood option, so if you decide to get the frame only, you might want the dual motor option. The single motor is plenty for the veneer top and all the equipment I have on the desk.
I would also pass on the accessory kit, as it does not add that much value for me.
The desk is very sturdy, and only begins to loose its stability at the highest 4-6 inches, and even then, it is still sturdy enough for my needs. I would guess that if you had an ink-jet printer actively printing while on the highest setting, you would notice some movement, but as you drop down a few inches from the top, you would not notice any movement. (Just a guess as I only have a laptop and two additional monitors on it).
I switch it several times throughout the day between stand and sit and the motor is quick at changing the height.
Overall I love the desk and it is an excellent value. I have already recommended this desk to other friends and co-workers and I would stand by that recommendation for the Glowforge community as well.


Thank you! That’s a great and thorough review, and I really appreciate you taking the time to share it with me and everyone else here.


So you don’t think it would have a problem with a glowforge on it?(weight)?


I believe it holds up to 360 lbs. and the Glowforge weighs only 55 lbs.