Autosave not functionning - Uploading multiples files to project and disappearing

Hello Guys,

First of all I want to say how much I love this machine to death I would marry it if I could to the great disappointment of my boyfriend :D. I have been experiencing a weird issue with the app in the past 2 days especially today.

I would upload svg to a project and it seems they don’t save I would have printed something and I change project and when I come back the added files that are not the first one I uploaded they disappear. I don’t know if it is just an overloading of the server qith everybody forging away for Christmas or something but I never experienced this ever before. I noticed my c drive was getting pretty full but I don’t know if you guys are using any local caching of the sort or everything is strictly on the cloud. My modem and pc are 3 feet away from my glowforge :smiley:

I suspect it’s just a peak traffic on your servers but wanted to let you know as it’s pretty annoying placing stuff for 20 minutes and suddenly you refresh and everything disappears. Since there is no save button I assume it automatically does every set interval. I noticed some change lost before but it was within seconds now stuff I even had printed didn’t get saved.


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I’ve never seen the behavior you describe but:

… you should not refresh the browser while working on a design. If that is what you are doing, it might have something to do with it.

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Thanks for letting us know about this. I want to take a closer look into your report, but I’m afraid I’ll need a bit more information in order to do so. Next time this happens, could you please let me know the date and time (including time zone)? The more exact a time you can provide, the better, as I’ll want to reference information from a few different logs on our end.

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Three or four times in the past week or so I’ve been in the GFUI placing items or adjusting settings and then the screen flashed and I’m back at the project list and have to go back in to reset everything I just did. It’s happened before but not as frequently as the last week or two. I figured it was either my network or their servers.

I will. It never happened since that exact moment.

Haha no it was a keyboard mishap that I refreshed my browser page. but I was expecting that changes from a few minutes ago would have been saved. I am actually a certified Cloud architect working with google cloud I am usually not that bad with computers ;). It felt to me more like a race condition that was met at a specific date and time.

Changes are saved in real time, it’s not a periodic backup.

If I open a design, move a part, and immediately close that browser tab, when I re-open that design, the change (move) is there.

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Thanks! Since the issue isn’t ongoing, I’m going to close this thread now. However, if it happens again please either open a new thread or email me those details at - you can use ticket #175139 as a reference when you do, and we can pick up right where we left off.