Availability of Proofgrade Materials @ Launch?



When will Proofgrade materials be available to customers?

Presumably this will be (near-)simultaneous with the production GF releases, but I don’t recall seeing a definitive answer. I can easily foresee hundreds, then thousands of eager customers (politely) clamoring for supplies after exhausting their Proofgrade samples. :wink:

Apologies if this has been answered previously – I searched, really I did.


I’m almost certain it hasn’t been answered yet, so hopefully @Dan will chime in (but he’s supposed to be out a lot this week, if I recall correctly, so you might be waiting a while). But you’ll get some in the box.


Sure – I’m up to date wrt the samples in the box, as well as the additional offers last week. Was just curious about post-release availability. :slight_smile:


Yeah me too! Mostly to see if it’ll be worthwhile to actually import any, but I suspect not. :slight_smile:


I would like to see PG Materials for sale before launch/delivery, so I can order things besides the promised freebies before delivery, so I can hit the ground running.


Promised PG materials are significant. And deliveries of machines are a ways off. They are concentrated on delivering your GF. PG packs with each of the 10,000 GFs is probably a major undertaking right now. So the PG store is probably far down the list of things to do, but will still happen. Go :glowforge: - Rich


Yeah, we all like glowforge, I don’t think people asking about something relatively significant should basically be told that it’s not worth worrying about.


Are you trying to start a proofgrade futures market?


Sorry, I wasn’t trying to say that. Just trying to relate what is going on. Where Dan has said things were at. :neutral_face: - Rich



I’ll be ordering some laserable materials as soon as I get the e-mail requesting my shipping address. I presume the PG materials will not be available at that time. As such, I’ll be ordering from Laserbits. I’ll certainly order PG materials when they’re available.

  • Tom


I planned to use Laserbits.com too. They have a good variety of items available!


I also really want to order some materials from Trotec but everything says you can’t order anything. Does anybody know anything about this? Any idea when they’ll start (or resume?) selling materials? Some REALLY cool stuff there. Multi-layer designed for lasering.

  • Tom


Not sure about Trotec. Just checked their site and saw the same message.

Check out https://www.signwarehouse.com/c/laser-engraving-supplies

About 8 years ago I bought self adhesive vinyl films for sign making and graphics from SignWarehouse.com on a regular basis, trustworthy source of laserable materials.


Thanks for that link. That’s one I hadn’t found yet.


Hey, thanks! Another source bookmarked. :slight_smile:

  • Tom


This two-tone black and gold laserable 1/16" material was on clearance at signwarehouse a few weeks ago.

It may have been a good deal, or maybe not: the product says it may become brittle with age, and to rotate stock regularly. I have gotten ‘aged’ product from signwarehouse in the past. It should be considered a known risk with any “clearance” material.


The sooner we get this question answered, the better. It would be great to have at least a few of the ProofGrade items available for order at the time of the shipping address email.

They certainly have the quality of the plywood, 1/8 hardwood, the veneer and the leather dialed in. I haven’t lasered the acrylic yet, but it looks perfect. Nice heft to it. I would think that the acrylic would be one of the easier things to have ready in bulk, but you plastics folks could fill out that information.

They have been working on the plywood for well over a year. Since ProofGrade materials are integral to the concept of drag and drop plus one button printing, they have to have enough of it ready for all the Glowforges shipped.

Dan from November 2015:


That was the point of my earlier post. I have a LOT of projects ready to go in the hopper. I have to ask though, because we haven’t seen it. Have you tried NON-Proofgrade materials yet. I know they discussed problems with recognizing materials still, but still…


Not yet. It’s in the queue. Had a break from lasering these past few days. I sure want to and I have some walnut I milled up and some various samples of vegetable tanned leather I had ordered.