AvE takes on the Cubiio

Since it’s been discussed extensively on these forums, here’s AvE’s take:


Already been shared and discussed a bit over here:


There should probably be a language warning on that video. :joy:

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I don’t disagree with the things he’s saying.

I’m pretty sure I recall that some/all of the Glowforge marketing video was done with another laser to visualize what the Glowforge would do. But I could be completely misremembering that. And, really, I don’t disagree with that practice. It’s marketing. If Whoppers looked like they do on TV, I’d eat one every day.


That’s funny. When I was in high school I worked at a Kentucky Fried Chicken. The same guy owned all the ones in CT back then so all local advertising was coming from his stores. I cooked the chicken for a series of posters and print ads (didn’t know that was what it was going to be used for at the time). I used fryers that hadn’t had the oil changed so it was slightly burnt. That left black flecks on the chicken which everyone assumed were some of the secret “11 herbs & spices” :slight_smile: It was actually slightly undercooked to get the corn flake color they held up as the standard (a slightly darker Wheaties color is better cooking & tasting) and suffering from burnt oil residue. But it really looked great in the photos :smile:


This seems as good a place as anywhere to place this. Gave me nightmares about both KFC and VR in one shot. :joy:



Okay, that’s disturbing. The new Colonel is almost as creepy as that giant plastic King that Burger King had in its commercials a couple of years back.

BTW, unlike the video shows, we never washed the chicken. :smile:

But we did tuck the wings and pull gobs of yellow fat off the chicken parts before frying.

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uh, :+1: ? I don’t know if I can like that comment. lol

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It’s kind of put me off of chicken.

My wife doesn’t understand why I don’t eat much of it. :smile:

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Had the same thing happen in high school (when I worked for KFC). Went to college met my now wife and she had conversations with my family in the early years.

She was devastated to learn how I would not eat chicken. Thankfully, her cooking skills brought me back (especially her South Pacific chicken and Lemon chicken recipes)! :crazy_face::heart_eyes::yum::yum::yum: