Aw...Thanks Guys and Gals


I just received the “Admired” badge for my activity here in the forum. Thank you especially to:

@PrintToLaser 238 likes

@Jules 204 likes

@Xabbess 200 likes

@davidgal2 187 likes

@smcgathyfay 156 likes

@ernesto.a.ramirezr 150 likes

There are many others, of course, and I thank you all. It is nice to be recognized and “Liked”. :blush: - Rich


You just finally got that?! Geez! I got mine ages ago!
Kidding, of course. Got mine a month ago. :wink:

You certainly earned it!


That is 'cause you are unusually active on this forum (and did I mention valuable?). :grinning: Rich


Congratulations! You are admired. :wink:


I feel like I should say something about a Safety Engineer being liked and… nevermind. :slight_smile:

Well done and congratulations.


Shucks! We’re all gonna start blushin’ now!

Fact is, I look forward to the time when I really can be of value. That is to say, I’ve no laser experience. I’ve learned everything I know from the folks on this board and on other boards. I was just saying to my wife last night how I’m actually glad we waited to purchase, and further glad there was a delay. It would have never occurred to me that some materials may be dangerous to either the machine or to our lungs. There’d be the obvious “this stuff is flammable” but that doesn’t count. I 100% guarantee you I would have lasered something I shouldn’t have had I not had the time to wander these forums.

So to you chrgeup, and all of the other similar folks… kennethclapp, karaelena, jrnelson, henryhbk, chadmart1076, JeremyNielsen, joe, cynd11, dwardio, pigheaded, takitus, jkopel, Xabbess, markevans36301, rpegg, jamesdhatch, jbv, PrintToLaser, Jules, jacobturner, dan, marmak3261, smcgathyfay… I sincerely say… THANK YOU.

  • Tom


At work, we are rarely liked (except socially). [heavy sigh] - Rich


But you have some serious tech skills and as a musician are used to solving problems to get the performance you need. You all are fun to be with.


It’s cute that you to think you’re liked socially. :wink:


It could all be a ruse to get their designs through without me changing them too much. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: - Rich


Ha ha…hopefully not the only reason😆


Guess I need to be more likeable, or maybe get off my butt and post more. :relaxed:


There is nothing dislikeable about your presence here, so more posts must be the answer. :wink:


Thanks for the encouragement. :grin:


We wouldn’t ‘admire’ you if we didn’t mean it! Definitely, my pleasure! :relaxed:


Get ready, get set…it’s a Likeathon! :grin:


I’ve been aiming at the Admired badge. Congratulations.
I know, badges are silly; but I like 'em.


There is one I would like to have attached to my name - Founder (status). whether or not it can be a title remains to be seen.
A reflection of the long wait and steadfast support across that time.


That’s pretty funny but true of lots of people on the K40 boards. Plenty of them ask for help at the start though. It never occurred to me that the forum would provide much more than project inspiration when I joined. It’s been great on a number of levels though including turning me on to some neat materials I might not have come across (vegan faux death fabric is high on my list).

I like the “First Flag” one. Get a badge for dissin’ someone’s post :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


LOL - yeah, I was amused by that one too!

BTW, I think I flagged someone the other day accidentally. Was fumbling for coffee and consciousness, trying to bookmark something, and a little message came up saying “thank you for flagging, it helps to keep our community strong” (or some such). I’m confessing now - I must have fat fingered it, totally an accident and I apologize.

Pretty sure I’ve only ever flagged one or two posts intentionally, and they definitely deserved it.