Away with pencil and paper - score keeper


A design shared by @m_raynsford. (I need one of these for golf…)
Walnut and maple.

Yeah, Ted is a better player. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The magnets make it self storing, they will stick to the sheetrock screws in the wall. Doubles as a poor man’s stud finder.


And that is…? :grin:
(Neat looking, is that a score keeping device?)


Yes, a simple counter for score.

Edit; Jules question prompted me to wake up and edit the title. :roll_eyes:


I missed the original post about this. That’s cleaver! And could be used for a lot of different games.


Nice job!
Makes me think about making a generic set for the family. Maybe a 0 - 10 scoring. Could come in handy.


I don’t know…does it do triple digits :smile:


It goes to twenty, which is usuallu enough, so I assumed you used one per hole and then just added them all up at the end. :wink: Or one for bowling.


I like this! I can think of a handful of uses for counters like these!


@m_raynsford is a great addition to this community, very helpful and gives away so many designs. :sunglasses:


I enjoy just observing, then when I get to drafting it up by hand I find little ways here and there to add flair and complexity.


Absolutely! Innovating a design is a great stretch of the imagination!


It’s a shame that won’t translate to me getting a glowforge any time soon :frowning:
I see the trickle of production units going out and await the next announcement of delays to international shipping.


listening to us here in the U.S. whine about delays, from the perspective of an international buyer - "Yeah, my heart bleeds for you Yanks…"
A bright spot is the inevitable stumbles (like shipping damage) will be squared away, with us as the guinea pigs, instead of overseas customers.

Let me take this opportunity to express my and the community appreciation for who you are and what you do! :sunglasses:


To be fair I bought my glowforge because they made some claims that I thought were impossible at the time and I was keen to be proven wrong. Sadly 2 years later and they still haven’t even demonstrated that those things are possible (continuous autofocus, cutting halfway through and then turning the material over etc) so I may just end up cancelling my order anyway