Wow, I didn’t realize it when I purchased the Glowforge, but it seems as though so many of the participants in this forum are the kind of fun and creative people I have dreamed of knowing all my life. You know, I feel like the plethora of information and awesomely creative people here is more valuable even than a supremely awesome laser. No offense to the Glowforge team and all of their laborious, precise, and much anticipated fruit-of-their-efforts, but knowing everyone here is well worth the money spent and the wait.


I feel the same way. It would be fun to meet you all in person. Is there such a thing as a Laser-con?


What a very nice thing to say! It certainly DOES add a whole new layer of good feelings to an already amazing experience.


Huzzah to that! The people here are quite amazing!


Forge-Con 2016! BYOGF!


I LOVE this idea, she would love to come :smiley:
I’ll bring my Glowforge too :wink:


Forge-Con!! Let’s do ittttt

I 100% agree with @dhanvinddvs- I’ve never been part of a forum that was so positive and fun to be on! I get more and more inspired every time I come here, I can only imagine how amazing it will be when we all have our glowforges :grinning:


I’m in for Forge-Con!


Yeah, I am in awe of you guys…both your skills and your creativity! A NYC forge-con would kick butt!! Because, well, then I’d actually maybe be able to attend, lol.


I’m in for ForgeConWest… we can live stream back and forth with ForgeConEast


I learned in the military "you make tight friends in tight places."
The camaraderie among us that grows here results from the shared experience of all being in the same boat, on a blind date with a minimum $2,000 buy in.

Across the last few months we have all engaged here enough to be impressed with the ability of one another, as we suffer our lesson in patience together.

In my perspective, the experience makes us less a collection of people, and more of a family.
Considering our collective skill sets, a very capable one… that I am privilaged to be among.

Great post Joshua.


I’d be up for NYC, just a train ride away! Or Forge-Con could make another stop down in DC :wink:


Denver is centrally located, just sayin’.


Hey, why don’t we hold it in Malta!? :upside_down:


I feel very privileged to be in this group among all of you as well :slight_smile:

We should all celebrate our differences and our varying skills and experiences, and I think that a “Forge-con” (excellent term @joe) would be a wonderful way to become personally involved with one another (as much as I love the digital age of connectivity nothing will ever match personal interaction)
I would recommend that rather than attempt creating a convention specifically for the Glowforge (especially since many of us are makers in many other aspects as well) right off the bat, meet up collectively at other maker fairs. I know that I’m going to start once the laser come in :wink:


Tampa is a great location in the winter, cause there is absolutely zero chance of getting snowed in :wink: and you know half you snowbirds are down here anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
there’s no limit to how many we hold. we could also locally organize them kinda like the ren fair, that way no one has to go way out of their way unless they really want to


Meet ups at Maker Faires, genius!!


not in any sense of the word. just too lazy and time deprived to like the thought of building a whole event from scratch at the moment :wink:

P.S. on a lightly related note: IT guy at work was explaining to me the other day that Microsoft only hires lazy people 'cause they will find the simplest solutions
my reply was “oh, so that’s why my computer never works” :wink:


I would love a meet up at Maker Faire NYC, I think we’re actually exhibiting this year which is a first. (I’ve done pretty much all the UK maker faires so now we’re going international)