Well, I was just about to run to home depot to pick up some material and while searching for other suppliers online, I came across inventables. As soon as I seen the name I remembered hearing something about a coupon that came with my gf. sure enough there was one at the bottom of the confirmation email (witch I never read all the way). and then I seen it…… Expires JULY 2018!!! that’s what I get for not reading :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:! Guess im off to home depot anyway!


Missed opportunities sure hurt! That’s okay, just buy more materials with some Bitcoin…


When I was in the retail consumer electronics biz, we knew that we would only get about 30% coupon redemption. Those that didn’t redeem at all or on time clearly didn’t care enough to get ‘er done. Then there are some people who never miss a deal. Not sure where you are in that example.

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You might call them…its possible they may still honor it.


Hi as a suggestion - go ahead and try the code. I had a similar issue but i proceeded and found the code was still accepted.


already tried, but I might call them.

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Sorry, I would call.
Did HD have any good stuff? I can never go there and not leave with 10 things?

Yeah, I use their mdf and I love it, it cuts perfect now that I have the settings down.

When glowforge first started delivering units they had purchased their codes well ahead of when the units were being delivered (they even believed their estimates internally) so that the Inventables codes had expired before the first day with your forge. If you called Inventables they would fix it for you over the phone.

That said, you are in a slightly different situation as regards time elapsed, but it shouldn’t hurt to call them.


Same… Wish they had plain 1/8" as well as the 1/4", though.

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