Baby Boots

Here is how I did these boots in the glowforge:

Item and settings

This is the item I am using:

And the settings were 900 speed, 9 power, 270 LPI

Setting up glowforge bed

Because the boots will give an interesting view in the app, I decided to use the jig I made for the base of the glowforge to mark a square and the center coordinates of the square will be 10, 4.5

Here is the guide for the jig on the bed of the glowforge:
Grid on the bed of the glowforge

Setting up boot

For these boots I would not be able to use magnets to get them flat enough because that would require a much stronger magnet then I would suggest for the glowforge. So instead, I used a needle and thread and stitched a few stitches at the spots marks below:


You are the best aunt ever!


I am always amazed at everything you engrave on your glowforge. Those are cute boots made even cuter thanks to you.


Ahhh, that’s one lucky little cowgirl. :cowboy_hat_face:


So adorable!!


Yep, that’s seriously cute! (You’d sell out at the HLF&R.) :smile:


Those little boots are so adorable! Another great job girl!!

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These are outstanding!! So adorable. Thank you for such a detailed explanation (on all your posts!). I really wish I could get this whole idea down of jigs & marking/using coordinates. For some reason I have a huge mental block. It seems like I’ve become increasingly right-brained in my old age; I’ve developed a big aversion to anything mathematical, yet my creativity has surged. :woman_shrugging:t2:

1Those are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing your setup

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