Baby Halter V1

Great Idea. Mine are older now (9 to 17), but perhaps I can still use this idea to keep them out of some of my stuff.

They keep stealing my food.


When I was 17 living with my parents, I got my own mini fridge. I went through a health phase so I filled it with a bunch of healthy stuff. I was still young and dumb though, so when I turned 18 I had started basically living with my girlfriend, and apparently at some point I had accidentally unplugged the mini fridge…about a week later I came back and it looked like one of those horror movies inside of the fridge!

My girlfriend’s sister who was 15 or so was down to clean it, so I gave it to her, as far as I know, she took better care of it :sweat_smile:


Maybe that’s what I need…a secret mini-fridge.


I think I need one to keep our teen from eating all the food in the house. I’ll just fill the main fridge with things that require cooking and mushrooms.

My eldest eats everything when she thinks no one is looking, except things that require effort…and mushrooms.

I went to Costco the yesterday afternoon and decided on a whim to buy bread, thought I could make French toast. I threw a loaf in the freezer, the other on the counter (my mistake). I had nothing else in the house to eat with bread, no jelly, nut butters, butter, anything, so I thought it was safe. By last night, only the end pieces were left and I didn’t see anyone go into the kitchen.


They just ate a loaf of bread? :rofl:


Yes…she ate the loaf of bread…all 3 quarts of ice cream…the boiled eggs, the rapokki (spicy Korean rice cakes and Ramen noodles), three pounds of grapes, umm…what else besides breakfast, lunch, and dinner… if she tells me she needs new clothes because hers are too tight, my eye twitch might become permanent.


I have that problem with my housemate. But she really hates spicy, so much of my food has jalapeno, or similar and I mark it with a skull and crossbones. I tell her that that burning in the mouth is the universe saying she had done wrong. The idea does not work well for raisin bread or canned fruit however,