Baby sounds. 4th project


Hi. Wanted to share with you this new idea. My 4 months baby Lucas sounds engraved on wood.

Hope you like it


Love this! I’ve wanted a tattoo like this forever, but holding out for some genius to develop an app that will playback wave forms.


That’s such a great idea!



That is such a wonderful project! I have a 4 month old too and am in awe of the new sounds he is making. That piece is such a special way to capture you baby’s sounds!


Congrats for your new baby.


Very unique


Awwwww, cute idea!


My wife and I are approaching her 5 month mark of her pregnancy (with our first child). So when reading this I assumed you meant the heartbeat in the womb…now that I’m thinking about it, this design would be much busier than it is haha. Really cool, thanks for sharing your idea!


That is awesome!! And the idea could be used for various sounds from loved ones, What is the size of that piece? Was thinking if it could be small enough to laser on an anodized dog-tag so it could be worn around the neck (or keychain,etc).
Did you create the waveform yourself? I noticed the site:


Hi. Thanks for the comments. I used an online sound wave generator. I don’t recall Wich one but this one you shares does the job. The piece is 5 by 3 inches.

Great idea the tag.



Really cool idea!


So… the year is 2051, “baby Lucas” is president and in control of the (football) “nuclear codes case”. Terrorists discover an 33 yr old Glowforge forum post… scan “baby Lucas’s” wave form and convert it back to sound. Using it they unlock the voice recognition lock on President “baby Lucas’s” case and control the nuclear arms race !! Muh hahha :sunglasses::grin:


LOL. So good LOL


Incredible idea!


Truly a wonderful way to capture a moment in time!


I found this: FWIW :

Phono Paper

Works locally with no network, just the app