Baby Yoda Earrings


Thank you for sharing, but Disney will be sending their lawyers.


Ok, will delete post

Well, I don’t have that power

deleted the SVG and moved it, I guess that’s OK?


You didn’t need to delete anything, although when you include the design, it belongs in the Free Laser Designs forum.

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If you are trying to sell on-line, then it’s on the radar when they do sweeps & eventually it will get the attention of their lawyers… Initial action is usually a cease & desist letter to start–if on a marketplace like Etsy, your listing will be removed.

@eflyguy now there is no design, so it didn’t belong in free laser designs, so I moved it here.

@bansai8creations nope, I haven’t sold anything yet. just a gift machine. so if I posted the svg here I wouldn’t get a cease /desist? Just want to follow the rules. Thought fan-art would be ok, but would prefer to not have to deal with disney lawyers.

It is.

Go look on Thingiverse. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of designs related to Star Wars and other pop culture. They’ve been available for download for many years.


cool, thanks.

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I like these better.


Technically, no, it’s not OK. Though I think there are some court cases about it.
And for now many sites are just not high enough on their list to sweep yet & take down… (but personally, I don’t mind a annoying such a giant corporation myself, either).

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