Baby's first Halloween costume! With a little help from glowforge!


Used the glowforge to make a quick impromptu stencil! Check out the video below!


Spoiler alert: he’s a pineapple!


Gosh, that is adorable! Awesome video, really builds suspense. Adding the pug is a nice touch!


How cute is that? :smile:


Your little pineapple is the cutest I’ve ever seen!


I’m glad you told us. I started looking for images of Groot to see if that was what you were shooting for. Mind you. Never saw GOTG nor read the comics.


Adorable !!! (Now give her a little stuffed Spongebob !):slightly_smiling_face:




What a cutie!


Such an adorable pineapple he is! Great video, great project … and the baby is just toooooo adorable!


Adorable! :sparkling_heart:


Correction…he’s adorable! Nice job!


Gorgeous! (and the costume is cute, too.)


So cute! But you’re missing a pen or two, and an apple.

I apologize profusely, but I couldn’t resist.


Anybody got any eye bleach handy? I’m out.


What’s the equivalent for ear bleach?


Babe…I got you babe… :headphones::notes:

(You can thank me later.) :no_mouth:


Such a cutie!! :heart::heart: You know you can cut the craft foam on the laser too…:smile:


Excellent baby costume!!

Make sure to have multiple good backups to be able to show this at his 18th birthday party. If he sees this growing up, he will try to delete any record of his first outfit…


Good to know! I wasnt sure, so decided not to risk it!