Back in business

Got my replacement Glowforge set up tonight after boxing up the old one. I figured I should throw in the piece of draftboard that wasn’t cutting through on the old one to see how the new one handled it. I picked the founder’s ruler this time, since I don’t really need another metric gift of good measure. It seems to have worked flawlessly. The cut pieces fell out on their own or with a light tap. Too late to keep making stuff tonight, but tomorrow should be full of forging. Thanks to the folks at Glowforge for the quick replacement, and one that works as it should. I just hope this one keeps working. In my downtime, I was able to talk to some coworkers about making things for their side businesses, so I may finally make a little money from this machine.



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Good, I’m glad this one is working for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I decided to try something a little more intricate to really test my replacement Glowforge. I already attempted this on the old machine on cardboard, and it failed to cut through in a bunch of places. That could’ve been a cardboard issue or could’ve been related to whatever was making it unable to cut through proofgrade materials. Today’s test was on proofgrade medium maple plywood. It cut through perfectly. Peeling off the masking from both sides of this was less than enjoyable though. The file was found on “the Google.” I don’t know who designed it, but I liked it and figured it would be a good test cut.


Glad you’re up and running on your replacement!

That’s beautiful! Though I can definitely imagine the weeding nightmare on that project :wink:

Glad you’re up and running again.

Welcome back! Super excited to see what you make this time around.