Back in business!


My replacement GF has arrived, and all is right in my world once more. It took just long enough for me to actually be ready with a name other than “Glowforge,” too. This one has been christened Ignatius Ordgar (sharp fire).

I’m off to burn holes in stuff! Wheeee!



have fun


Hooray and yippee! So happy for you. :smile:


So have the tremors stopped now that you’ve got your laser fix back? :wink:


I’m glad the turn around was so fast. Stay tuned. I might be in the same boat. Haven’t opened a ticket yet. Still have one more thing to try.

Laser like there’s no tomorrow!


Uh-oh! Opened a ticket yet? :neutral_face:


Getting there! Still an occasional shudder. :wink:


Oh, no!!! I’m so sorry! :cry:


That’s great news! So glad you’re back up and running!


I am on the list to replace the exhaust fan, but for now I am cleaning like crazy and I have the blue monster to eat what smoke gets into the room. Just packing and unpacking will need help I do not have at this moment. The thought of being without is also scary.


They will probably let you wait to send it back until you get the new one. :slight_smile:


that was not suggested as there is nothing dead just dirty, but even that would be a challenge of pack and unpack. I do wish they had thought of “Geek-free plug and play” for all or most of the parts so any idiot such as myself could replace stuff without so much as a screwdriver, much as they did do with the laser head.