Back plastic rings for belts broke

Yesterday one of these black plastic rings where the belts for the head run over broke. Does anybody already has those designed. I would like to 3d print them …

If you’re talking about the pulley wheel, that should be an easy part to design. It’s all cylinders.

I’m not keen to dismantle my printer to get the dimensions of the part, but if you have some calipers you could probably get the vital dimensions off of your GF.

The critical dimensions would be the diameter of the bearing, the outer diameter of the pulley, and the width of the belt that goes over it. You could probably eyeball the rest for a “close enough” fit.

I’d be happy to whip up a design if you can measure and post the dimensions along with a couple pictures of the broken piece and the area where it came off of, but your best bet would be to get an original part from Glowforge.

Yes would be great if you can help a little. I will also do a design but better we have two. I was just curious if anybody has done it before. I am measuring in mm. I will also right away make a better hoase connector as here in the rest of the world we do not have 4 inches but 10 cm hoases. I saw one onf facebook which somebody is selling on etsy,

Yes I am just writing glowforge to send me a replacement part but ordering right away some more parts as the shipment is so expensive.

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Not too sure but I think that if you cut right at the top and bottom of where the label is on this you will get this that is tight but can be just pushed off and on.

The difference between 4 inches and 10 cm is less than 2 mm. Doesn’t the hose clamp take care of a gap that small?

EDIT: Oh, wrong direction. The 10cm exhaust hose must be 2mm too small? (Still ingesting coffee…)

The problem with clamps is that what they clamp is ablative, and a PITA in the best of cases, I have been using the juice bottles for about two years now and they grip tight but can be easily removed when inspection and cleaning is needed. And if they ever cease to hold tight or something the replacement is cheap and comes with a bottle of V -8 :grin:


I would just design something like this for 10 cm hoases and also for the orignal. Found these in the facebook group but once you have a 3d printer and a laser you are not shopping on etsy anymore but create the stl yourself …


Posting here already opened a support ticket, although they will likely need details including a photo of the broken part.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.