Back plastic

So I made an oversight 5 years ago when reading the manual and placed one of my glowforges in front of a window which has blinds but there is a small amount of light that comes in at the bottom edge. I’m not sure if it was the light itself or that the window area gets warm but it appears that the adhesive on the back plastic is getting weaker due to one of them over 5 years lol but I did manage to get it to adhere correctly again just by holding it in place long enough. Just wanted to point this out to anyone whom might have theirs near a window who might have not thought about it so just adding it to everything else category.

Here’s a 45 second video showing exactly what I mean by this and what happened, not a big deal and didn’t affect the machines use, was just a mistake/oversight on my part and wanted to make others aware what could happen:


Since many of us vent out a window, it is safe to say that many Glowforges are directly in front of windows. It is certainly true that sunshine could be degrading the glue, but that is not necessarily the whole picture.


It seems like glue failure on the lid is one of the more common complaints in the various Glowforge groups, right after cracked V-wheels and the infamous black lid cable.

I went back to some of those Facebook posts, and at least three of them had Glowforges that were nowhere near a window.

I’m not convinced sunlight is the culprit here.

Most folks seem to be repairing it with a two-part epoxy, but there’s a guy who sells aftermarket replacement brackets if you don’t want to deal with that hassle.


I won’t click on the video, but the standard way to soften most epoxy resins is with heat.


Luckily mine isn’t the lid, just the back plastic.


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