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Hey Jules…
Yeah - that’s putting the machine into setup mode again. Not prudent to mess with it at this time, but I really want to give it a static IP lease to prevent any network related connecting issues.

I am pretty sure there are plenty of logical types here. I am not sure we respond well to snark.


Yeah, you have passed the boundaries of my understanding. If that don’t cut it…good luck! :smile:

Was referring - very generally - to ‘the glowforge tech team’… given that this post IS in the problems and support area. Thanks for understanding and your valued contribution to this thread! - frustration level is somewhere over 14 on a 10 point scale here in the house this weekend…

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I don’t understand though…why, if you suspect a problem with the lid cable, are you trying to determine the MAC address for the Glowforge? Couldn’t you just sit tight until the replacement cable arrives, change that out, then determine the MAC address? (Not sure why you would need to determine the MAC address anyway.)

My recommendation (for what it’s worth) is to wait for the part. (Diagnose and eliminate one problem before trying to find it in another place.)


Given that the forge - based on content in these forums and some personal experience - can be very sensitive to network issues, I really want to eliminate another variable… trying to be pro-active while we wrestle with the dang thing…

If you have the IP address the MAC is trivial.

From just about every operating system I can think of that you can get to a command prompt. first ping this ip address with the command ping 1 argument is the IP address no others should be necessary. once you have ping responses you may need to interrupt it or it may complete on it’s own. But you do need successful ping responses. then you can use the arp command you. I would start trying arp -a and look for the ip address. but just plain arp might work.

For what is is worth the vendor on my GF MAC was TI. But I have a very early unit and hardware changes. so I wouldn’t bet yours is the same.

I believe there are instructions if you search in the forum for downloading the logs to send support from your glowforge. that shoudl help you determine which IP if you have several.


ROFL! Understood! I’m always in favor of proactive wherever possible. But in this case, I think sitting on your hands and watching a good movie is on order.

The cable breaking is common after a reasonable amount of wear and tear…when you receive the replacement instructions, you’ll understand why. If it is a physical problem, messing with the Wifi isn’t going to help…it’s busy-work. Go watch a good flick or play catch with the kids. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So I debated replying, I know GF support is obligated to reply despite the name calling but if you are also looking for the community help (Assuming since you posted here instead of taking your attacks privately) you might want to eliminate those. Anyway, each manufacturer generally has a pool of MAC addresses, you can look up the suspected MAC address of the devices on your network you do not know and get a pretty good idea of what it is by that, or use a tool that does this for you for every device on your network. I am not sure GF has a registered block but you can eliminate the majors from your unknown list pretty quick.


Already reseated the cable ends a couple times. seems that unplugging the unit for an hour and then starting again let’s me get some work done… but that’s like serious cross the fingers and pray to the god of ARRRGH! time.

I have 12 IP addresses that don’t broadcast their device name… (oh @dan ! suggestion??) - and it seems that the forge, even if OFF and connected to power still maintains it’s connection - so no looking in the router log for the DHCP request. I guess the next time we un-plug it I’ll give that a go and see, but that too could just be grasping, since android devices go online/offline all the time when you’re not using them…

You should search the forum for the directions on downloading your glowforge logs. try that will all 12 and I think you’ll get a hit.

Going to search for this now - thanks!
I’ve done the OUI search and that’s a challenge in itself… did help me find a TP-link smart switch I’d forgotten about though! :smile:

Dang it - that means going into setup mode too:
“You have to enter WiFi setup mode and connect to your Glowforge via browser to download the logs,”

So the ‘web server’ seems to go offline once the thing is connected to your WiFi network…

Alright. Here’s what I did (on a netgear router incase you find yourself in this situation)
Turn off and unplug the glowforge.
Clear the router logs (advanced/administration/logs)
plugin the glowforge and turn it on
check the logs for a message like this:
[DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 2C:6B:7D:xx:xx:x3, Sunday, Jul 07,2019

Then go to (still in the advanced section) Setup /Lan setup) and find your MAC in the right column. Click the dot on the far left of that row, and the ADD button to add a permanent reservation for this device. Whenever this device is detected now it gets the same IP.

For the GF support team - you might see some suggestions in here that would make working with the forge easier - I’ve seen dozens of threads on problems connecting to complex / enterprise networks. I do hope that you all are feeding this to your developers. It’s very important that this get “easier” to work with! Thanks - this issue is now closed.


I’m sure. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Someone needs a lesson in understanding sarcasm… especially the person who flagged my post as offensive. Get over thy self, small minded one…

Since you sent this as a reply to me, I can only assume you think I flagged your OP. If you wanted to make a general accusation without any evidence, you should reply to your OP rather than point your finger at me.

On the other hand, I am the person that flagged your reply to me. Calling me or anyone in the forum “small minded” is offensive and against the forum guidelines.