Backlit paper sculptures



There’s been plenty of examples of paper sculptures on here. Pretty sure some of these are around somewhere already. For some reason, browsing around today, the part about backlighting them stood out to me.

Here’s a good example:

And a video of their hand-cut process:

Things look more edge-lit or something rather than backlit.

Something is particularly pleasant about the depth of the layers. Can’t wait to experiment!


Very cool. love how that backlighting effect works.


That is soo cool!


Holy smokes! Just amazing! I love that you get visibility of the rabbit coming out of the hat only when it is backlit.


Those are beautiful!


Incredible. The fact that they are hand-cut is insane! Though I will say that they are much bigger than I expected from the pictures. I would be honored (and surprised by myself) if I could do something half some beautiful even with a laser.


Wow, i have never seen that done on such a large scale. I love it.




Yeah, how good are these?
Beautiful work, inspiring work


This work has started me thinking about the selective use of colored vellum might be a nice touch, especially if hidden behind white paper and only visible when back lit.


Are you kidding me?! My jaw bruised as it hit the floor (was that on here that someone said that…I’ve been stealing that line and hope it’s okay!..think of it as flattery)!

This looks phenomenal and I am so impressed with this kind of art. I hope there’s an easy way to do it that doesn’t require much skill/talent. That’s why I’m going to love the laser cutter. Part of my lack-in-patience and skill/talent will be offset by being able to manipulate digital files with a precision machine (well…at least more precise that my fine motor skills)!


Beautiful work. Yes, the backlighting takes it to the next level! Thanks for the share