Backlit wall really wish I had my GF for this


Is it an etched acrylic or glass over a wooden background?

Beautiful piece.


It’s a few layers sandwiched with wood acrylic and fabric.

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Great piece. I love the design.

Definitely cool. Made me think of The Door to Moria.

Finally can settle on my first edge lit acrylic piece. Thanks for sharing.

And a real life working door.

Goes along with the Stargate!


Sheesh. Now I’ve got another entry in my “to-do someday file” :slight_smile: This is wicked cool. I like the voice activated auto-opening too.

Wow that looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see all the amazing project come from all the makers receiving their GF.

Holy crap that is cool. I always wanted a hidden book shelf door. But that totally changed my plans for that.

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That’s super cool! Inspiration :slight_smile: