Bad Batch of Proofgrade materials

This is not the first time… nor even the second time I have run into this problem.
But it IS the FIRST time I am reporting it…
Today my proof grade materials arrived…
using the same files, same settings and same Medium Maple Hardwood… One whole piece of Maple did not even cut through… completely had to trash and eat the cost of this piece of wood.
Upon looking at it… there seemed to be more knots, and seemed heavier than the other pieces of proof grade maple hardwood.
I’ve had this happen to two other pieces of walnut hardwood in the past too!
When paying for a premium product that is supposed to work hand-in-hand with the machine itself… it is very frustrating (not to mention COSTLY) having to literally throw money away!
I hope Glowforge makes this right!

Proofgrade materials are guaranteed to cut using proof grade settings. That is just one of the benefits of using proof grade materials. You will receive credit for the cost of the sheet if it is reported with date and approximate time of cuts so they can verify in your log. Since you have opened a ticket here, expect to hear from support on Monday when they reopen.


Thank you for your reply… The latest cut was 11-2-21 around 3pm CST Maple Hardwood

As for the other two that were Walnut Hardwood… it was the week of Halloween… is all I can remember as I don’t keep a log
Thank you for responding

Welcome to the forum.
As previously stated, Proofgrade materials are guaranteed - but your optics must be clean, your fans must be clean, and the material must be held completely flat on the honeycomb tray. Additionally, you must be using the appropriate Proofgrade settings for the material. You need to document the product failure with photos as well when possible. I have always found the Glowforge materials cut quite well.


Hello Jennifer,
We have sent you an email and look forward to following up with you directly so that we can ensure your concern is resolved.