Bad batch of proofgrade?

Has anyone noticed anything like this? First of all, the masking on this walnut plywood was so sticky (on the outside I mean) the boards were sticking to each other (from my shipment, which was about 5 of them). And then, when I cut something, I noticed this large split in 1/8 ply. Has anyone else seen anything like this?

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Never. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Does that corner look like it took an impact? Looks like the MDF core itself split.

No, actually, that’s not the only piece I noticed it on. One other piece (part of a box) had a split all down the long side. It went away after I put the box together, but seemed weird. I am wondering if I should open a ticket about it. Probably won’t because they are sold out of walnut anyway.

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They can credit you for it. Can’t tell from your pic but did it delaminate?

I have no idea really, and I didn’t even notice it until I went to assemble the box I was making. Here is another shot of that, same issue, just split down the middle of a 1/8 inch thick board.

Here’s a picture of that

And here’s the board I cut it from

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To be clear, is that a split across the surface, or between the layers?

That is a split between the layers of one 1/8 piece of proofgrade walnut. And I knew something was weird about it because the whole batch was sticky. I mean, the masking was sticky to the touch on the outside. I cut most of it now, but this appears to be the only sheet that is coming apart from the inside.

I would let them know, by email. As stated, they can credit you for it for your next order.


Yeah, I will. I just wondered if anyone else got some like that. If I recall, this batch is what I ordered after the most recent alert that proofgrade walnut was back in stock (and now I am out again :slight_smile:)

If it was a few months ago, I got some then as well. I haven’t cut it, but it’s in my stack which gets shuffled frequently, no issues with the masking.

edit - it was mid January.

More recent than that, I think. I can’t say for sure, but I think this one was in the batch I ordered in March. I’ll send them an email about it.

That’s odd, it seems to have split right down the middle. There is only a thin veneer on the outside, the MDF should be homogenous. I don’t understand that. @eflyguy is right, you should be credited for that piece IMO.

I know, it’s not that big a deal (if the split is only on the edge), but a post in problems and support would at least help make the company aware of a potential issue with their chosen vendor.
That helps everybody.


Well, that was fast, I emailed them last night, and they have already issued a gift card to replace it, so I’m happy! Of course, the walnut is currently sold out, but that’s ok, I can wait. All’s well that ends well!

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MDF can split like that for sure. My mdf hold down pins die that way all the time. Bad batch indeed.

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Yeah, I might not have even sent it to them, but that sticky masking made me really suspicious. Like something spilled on it, although the finish underneath okay, but the MDF looked kind of rotten.

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