Bad GF. Won't mind me!

I have a friend who went “above and beyond” and I’d like to show my appreciation by sending her her unit crest but the GF is being difficult and not doing what it’s told. (I know - go figure!) I had an acquaintance I found on Etsy turn the crest into an svg but I found out just this morning he uses Lightburn (whatever that is) and isn’t all that familiar with Inkscape or even laser printers. The problems I’m having is GF isn’t recognizing some of the engrave commands in the file. How can I slap this thing up side the head and tell it to engrave where it’s told. There are several areas but the three I’ve indicated with red lines in the jpg are the ones most bothersome to me. Thanks for any help someone can give me. I want this to be as perfect as possible for my friend.


The file, obviously, is the issue. If you care to share the file, someone may be able to help.


This will take a lot of work but is a start for inkscape. Each layer will be black with no outline, you will need to change each one. The pixels are the size of postcards but this is quick and dirty in Gimp.

Shiloh (570.5 KB)
PS Lightburn is what every other laser uses and the file it gives are the actual movements I think. So no use for much.


There’s a much larger version of the crest with more detail at:

Which Inkscape was able to do a trace that I think you’ll be happy with.


Set the main image as an engrave, and the outline as a cut and you should get what you need :slight_smile:

5 Likes Per your request, here’s the file.
USS Shiloh Crest v3 I downloaded your zip and you’re right, it’ll take a lot of work but 1. she’s worth it; 2. there’s no rush; 3. it’ll help me learn more about Inkscape. Unfortunately, even though I have a version of Gimp, I don’t know the first thing about it and Inkscape kicks my butt enough without adding to the mix. Yeah, that does have a lot more detail. I’ll start working with that and see what I can do.

Thanks for your help. You guys are all great.


Okay, I didn’t actually upload the file, only an image and I guess I’m not smart enough to upload the whole file. Someone want to educate me?

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The forum deletes raster files from .svgs so you’ll need to zip it on your computer, and then upload the zipped file. That’s an issue with the forum, not any of us!

If you mean getting a file from here to upload to your :glowforge: then it’s a right click and save as to get an .svg to upload.


Thanks, deirdrebeth, that last part I know. It was the first part I was confused about. I hope I did it right, and if so, here it is. (570.5 KB)