Bad webpage link

On the account page

there is a paragraph that says
“You can purchase additional Glowforge printers at any time. Visit the Glowforge Shop to find spare parts like extra crumb trays, power cords, and more.”

“spare parts” is a hyper link to another page

And that page does not load but instead redirects to the home page.

Looks like one of those weird account-specific issues that pop up now and then. It’s working for me:

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The GFUI that was working a few days ago is now back to the screen of those without a Glowforge yet. Puff was back to the brood nest for a revival for a few weeks now, not sure if that is a death notice or a revival notice, or just normal glitching…

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When I clicked on the link, it prompted me to login and then went to the page.

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Thanks for letting us know about this! We’ll take a look