Baffling communications on compact filter delivery

I am a Day Two preorder customer without the option to vent outside, so I elected to defer my Glowforge Pro delivery until there was a filter available that would enable me to use it. I opted for the compact filter option as soon as it was made available.

On February 12, I got the welcome news via email that my compact filter was shipping. The tracking number provided, however, was for a package going to Mount Harmon, MA, which is six states away from me – presumably it was some other customer’s tracking number. That customer has now received their delivery, but the Fedex truck has come and gone here, and nothing has shown up at my address.

I have received no information at all regarding the Glowforge Pro delivery itself, nor of the promised Proofgrade credits that have been accumulating during the long delay. I wrote support two days ago, but have heard nothing back but an automated reply. My Account page is as unhelpful as it has always been.

For the first 1,236 days after ordering my Glowforge, the answer to when I can have it was “soon!” or, “we don’t know”, or “it’s not good enough yet”, or “hardware is hard”, or “we can’t tell you, because that would give away super secret information to our competitors”. Any validity these excuses may once have had is now gone, but the only information Glowforge has given me is wrong and nobody will answer my emails.

So when can I have my Glowforge?

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m terribly sorry for the frustrating experience.

I’ve just followed up to your email with more information about your order.

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