Baked an Oreo Cookie on my Glowforge


Made this from a Steve Good pattern. Used 2 pieces of Walnut for the outside cookie & Maple painted white for the frosting.





My thoughts exactly! :wink:


Capital idea! (Seriously, people would buy those!) :grinning::+1:


Steve Good is the best :sunglasses::glowforge:


Well crap. Now I want an Oreo.


Huge fan of Steve. His patterns are usually PDFs. Do you use straight pdf or convert to svg first? TIA


I’ve converted a number of his designs to svg with Inkscape. They work great on my glowforge!


Looks kewl ! Does anyone remember when Oreos used to just be black cookies with white cream in between??? (These were at work today)


I haven’t tried any of those, but the red velvet ones are delicious. They have a cream cheese icing in the middle that makes them taste so much better than the standard oreos.


Really? Gonna have to try those. I’ve tried the lemon, they’re pretty tasty.

(I usually knock the filling out though.)


That is so cute! I’m thinking it would be a wonderful wall decoration in an ice cream restaurant, along with similar ones of cones, candy, etc.


Straight PDF


BLASPHEMER ! You can’t improve PERFECTION!:sunglasses:


so cute! how big was it?


5 5/8" in diameter




Beat me to it!

However I was considering a Cherry center.


I still think they need to sell sampler packs. I wanna try all these but I’m not buying my weight in cookies every month to get it. I bet they’d sell like mad.