Ball Bowl

Okay this is an easy one (I hope). All straight cuts and slide together.
(I was testing the radial slice function of AutoDesk 123D Make.)

Original design in Rhino - saved as STL.

Brought into AutoDesk 123D Make for slicing.

Sliced assuming 0.125 inch thick material
(Have no idea what the actual measurements are, so that will probably need to be adjusted later to get the slots right)

Transferred slicing results into AI to create SVG file.

a. Note: Export via EPS is the fastest, most reliable way to transfer the files from AD123 Make… tried all of the possible methods.)

b. Another note - any paths imported from AD123 Make come in as discrete unconnected segments. (Not a Boolean Export function. Curves consist of short straight segments.)

I joined the straight segments in this file (in Illustrator), and the file contains Compound Paths. (It would be interesting to see if the machine stutters on unconnected paths.)

Okay that’s about all I can remember about it.

Assembly Instructions:

This was laid out for 12" x 12" plywood sheets

Ball_Bowl_Files - (20.4 KB)

Ball_Bowl_Files - (54.8 KB)

Okay - input welcome…have no laser, no access to one, just designing blind at this point. :poop:


First post! Apologies - it looks like the Discourse servers are having a private moment. I’m not getting images to load either. Give it a few minutes and try again?


I was able to add the images back in through the Edit, but I still can’t get it to upload SVG files.

(Discourse seems to think that SVG files need to have a file size associated with them? Like the image files?)


I just tried to increase the max file size (and added other file types while I was in there) - any better?


Nope, no good. It seems to think that the SVG files are images, and it’s looking for a size associated with them.

There would be a way around it if it would create a “fake” image file that we could modify, but it’s not generating the code to upload anything at all. Just gives that error message and then throws you out.


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I just put ZIP files on the whitelist - have at it. :slight_smile:


And we have a winnah! :grinning:


Go to bed Dan. (Thanks!) :slight_smile:


Love it! Way to kick off the new category with an awesome project!


This looks great! Nicely done!


That looks sweet! Unless someone beats me to it. I’ll give it a whirl tomorrow evening


Oh good! I was hoping someone with an actual laser would take a poke at it! (Post a pic?) :upside_down_face:


Nice–I dub this design style Classical Laser Futurism.


(Chuckle!) And here I just thought it would look cool with a little potted plant sitting in it!


I did a utensil holder in a similar style some years ago. It looks great and mine of worked great but I got artsy and left a bigger gap on the bottom then the rest. Everything always slid out. This looks like a… “Winnnah”! To quote.


Oh, wow - I love the idea of a utensil holder! You might have just “triggered” me.
(It doesn’t take much.):smile:


Mine was octagon shaped . Just through it out after 4 year of multiple moves. It is one of very few projects I never took a pic of. Otherwise I would post it. It was solid walnut fot the side and ribs on an walnut veneer Mdf core.


Sooo. only a day late. I didnt read your post very well and started to cut it out of cardboard. so the slots were WAY off. I would definitely recommend running your first design in cardboard just because its so cheap.

As i was cutting i noticed my power seemed to drop off because the parts weren’t falling through anymore. Suddenly i hear a funny gurgle noise from my laser and i look to the back and my laser is boiling the water in it!! so in a mad frenzie im trying shut it off and figure out whats going on.

Diagnosis. junk was growing in my water and killed my crappy china pump. Time for a new one. and a biocide.

So here is what i learned from the first cut. Your slots are about 2.6mm (.106) which is a bit short of the .125 you were aiming for. The cardboard i have is 4.2 mm thick. If you adjust your slots to 4mm ill happily give it another whirl when i get a new pump :slight_smile:


Oh man…sorry about that!

You don’t need to risk it again…I don’t want to be responsible for a house fire or anything next.

(I’ll take a closer look at the slot size…I didn’t actually measure the results once AD123D Make spat them out. If they are off by that much, it’s going to make that program just about useless.)

Thank you for giving it a try though! It might have caught a problem I didn’t know about.


Festering flea-covered coprolite cupcake!

Some of the slots are measuring as small as 0.11 (mainly on the little center one you show sitting on top there), but they’re up to 0.125 in a couple of other places, and tend to average about 0.121-0.122 in most of them.

Dagnabbit! :rage:

Maybe i can build a small tolerance in and rework the handful I have that came out of this program.

Or just recreate the slots.

Thanks nick…it’s better to know up front before I made about a hundred of these things. :worried: