Ballad of Serenity

My 13-year old Browncoat daughter stained the wood and designed the engrave. She also used the calipers for the first time. Me? I did a few quick calculations and pushed a few buttons. This is all her.


She inherited her artistic talent from you I see! (Looks great!) :grinning:


Tell her we love it!


That’s gorram gorgeous! :wink:


So fun to have a glowforge to enhance her creativity.


Came out real nice.


If she’s a Browncoat you’ve raised raised her right :slight_smile:



So to those who are in the know…

We had a lengthy conversation about the lyrics. And, honestly, we went with what you see but we’re just not sure. We found competing lyrics on several sites. What say you?

“There’s no place I can be…” vs “Have no place I can be…”
Now, I’ll tell ya… We listened to it over and over yesterday because the original lyrics we found said “Have no place” and we we’re like “Umm… No… It’s 'There’s no place.” And then we listened and went “Huh… Is it ‘Have no place?’ I mean, that would certainly fit the speech pattern of the show and it makes a little more sense actually.” But, as you see, we went with what we all originally thought it to be.

And the last line… We found three different versions of the lyrics…
“You can’t take the sky from me.” vs “But you can’t take the sky from me.” vs “And you can’t take the sky from me.”
Again, we listened over and over and ended up with just “You can’t take the sky from me.”



That sounds right, there are at least 3 versions that I recall.

She chose well picking the version that pleased her.


True enough. And that’s exactly what I said… “Are you happy with these lyrics?” “Yes.” Then 48 minutes later we had a real nice engrave. She’s thinking she’s going to hang it in her locker at school. I’m thinking I might just go ahead and make one for the rest of us to look at out of some :proofgrade: cherry.


Great job & great inspiration!

You can’t take the sky from me…

You should also look up & listen to, a great version, adapted from Josh Wheaton’s original for the series is “Mal’s Song” by Vixy & Tony on their first album “Thirteen” (and at the time they recorded it, I was dating Tony, and was one of the folks that made up the chorus, since any time done live everyone sings along). Also on this album is “Apprentice”, a mesmerizing song about Inara. (And all this helped inspire much of my leather work & the path that I’m now blazing for myself…)


Browncoats, unite!


I know Mal’s Song from “Escape Key.” Seems to be the same tune. Says it’s written by Michelle Dockrey though. I must say I think I prefer the Vixy & Tony version now that I hear it. I find the instrumentation to be perfect and also a bit reminiscent of The Eagles’ Journey Of The Sorcerer (used as the HHGTTG TV theme). Anyway, we’d listened to the Escape Key version a few times to try and figure out the “There’s no place” line, but that line’s not in the song at all for some reason! :slight_smile:

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Michelle is Vixy–Escape Key was she & her husband Matthew before she & Tony started performing together & got more serious & got other musicians involved… Tony had a small home studio and spent a long time on the tracks. I’m not sure why she never used that line–maybe just didn’t want to be too much like Josh’s version, or just didn’t fit her version…

Tony learned well from his instructor & mentor, Jeff Bonhoff, who does not only original work, but has an amazing parody album “Grated Hits”. Among many great tracks, there is a note perfect version of “Bohemiam Rhapsody” as “Midichlorian Rhapsody”. And a few other Star Wars, Star Trek & other inspirations that are all really good.


Nice work. Cool the kido wanted to use the GF too.

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May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.


So fun to involve your daughter!