Ballistic armor, wall hangings, quilts, etc

One of the things I want to do when I get my Glowforge is to experiment with making ballistic armor. I have been considering the use of this stuff and using the forge to drill holes in it for attachment.

I also want to explore other energy dissipation methods including metal weaves, foils, interlayer non Newtonian adhesives, etc. This interest springs from discussions I’ve had with my mother and older sister concerning their new quilt business ( ). I proposed we might make precut fabrics via the forge for beginner quilters or some kind of kit. Here’s a few of my mom’s quilts.

And some from my oldest sister:


That’s talent. Wow!


Yes, and they have made quilts for most of the immediate and extended family. They love doing it.

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Fabric cuts really nice on a laser…you can do several layers at a time and the edges are heat sealed so it doesnt fray. She does beautiful work!
You can also cut custom templates for quilt shapes too.:grinning:


Most of my mother’s work is by hand and my sister uses both hand and machine. Her new quilting machine has a laser cutter, I learned today.


They possess most of the artistic talent in the family. :slight_smile:

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That ghost quilt is A+, and I love the colors/pattern in the first one shown. :heart_eyes:

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The first one is also double sided and there are three that she made; this one at her home, one she sold, and one she made for me. It took her about 2 years for each. Here’s the other side, I think.


They are all slightly different.

How great that it’s reversible…one for summer and one for winter! That’s some real artistry! :smile:

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I think the pillow cases are reversible too.

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Beautiful work!


Really amazing stuff. I look forward to playing with fabric also. Maybe then I can say “you don’t understand, I have a laser.”


Thank you, you are all so kind!

The idea of not having to serge edges is a BIG win too. :slight_smile:


I don’t usually care about quilts being a guy, last I checked, but that first hot air balloon one and the tree with the circles was pretty darn cool.

Gotta share with my aunts and cousins. They eat that stuff up.

I understand where you’re coming from. I didn’t get it until my mom made one for me and everyone kept wanting to buy it from me and I started to think about the business potential.

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Your mother and sister do beautiful work, @volivaa!

Tandy Leather is having a sale on small sheets of Cordura.

Being a bachelor, for years, I’ve had to do any repairs & alterations on my clothes, always by hand. Finally, a while back I got a sewing machine, as after a days work slapping wrenches, my hands would often be too cramped to work a needle when necessary.

So, my first ever quilting attempt…

A bandana to keep my head clean & warm at work. Ball caps get in the way.

The laser will definitely make this easier! :grin: as I’ll be able to design a better sewing guide as well.


Thank you!