Baltic Birch plywood 11.3 mm

What setting do you need to cut through 11.3 mm Baltic birch plywood, and how many passes?

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that said, you will have a very hard time cutting through essentially 1/2" plywood. even if you can flip it and cut in the exact same spot on the other side. i have a 75w laser at work and we don’t do 1/2" BB there. this is a big ask for a 40w laser.


Thanks for the quick answer. I thought that this was the case since all of the material that is featured by glowforge is around 1/4 inch or less.

plywood is generally tougher to cut than many hardwoods. some plywoods more difficult than others. MDF core (like proofgrade) is generally easiest. baltic birch is a pretty consistent core and is a good choice. some other plywood, even at thinner thicknesses, have voids, knots, and resins that make even 1/4" difficult on a laser. even if it’s just because you can’t cut through consistently with the same settings on the full sheet. or from sheet to sheet.


… or from one area of a single sheet to another.


The nice thing is, if you really need something thicker than 1/4", you can just cut two or more separate boards and stack them. With the laser, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your edge is perfect from one sheet to another.


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