Baltic Birch prices are thru the roof!

war is hell.


My supplier told me not to expect it to be available at all (at least through them) by the holiday season this year. Much BB was imported from Russia. Luckily I largely stopped using BB a while ago.

For anyone looking for an alternative with the same face appearance:


I hadn’t even thought about this, luckily I have a decent stockpile which will give me a while to find substitutes.


Those links will be very useful for some but I don’t use it for the appearance.

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That is $2.50 a sheet before shipping and not Russian as that comes in 4x8 sheets. Not really terrible considering. Ocooch is similar.


The quality I am seeing is also way down. Even the stuff I am seeing at sky high prices is full of voids. The stuff we were getting out of China was at least good quality.

I see Ocooch is no longer Ocooch, but is now Martinwood Cabinetry llc :cry: :unamused:

For comparison, the bottom is what passed for cabinet grade a year ago and the top is what I could get for cabinet grade last week @ $95.00 for a 3/4 4 by 8 sheet.


Looks normal “ocooch” to me.

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wow what a stunning drop in quality.

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At first glance but “Martinwood Cabinetry” collects the money.
Buying half 1/8" and half 1/4" turned out $150 per cubic foot after shipping. I had not realized how much 2/3 of a cubic foot weighed, however.


Ethan Martin takes your calls and answers your questions, while his brothers, Adriel, Doran, Jadon, Christian, and Caleb, process and ship your orders.

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