Bamboo Bar Cutting Board

Found these mini cutting boards at Bed Bath and Beyond. Worked up the image in Illustrator. Bought several, may have to work up other recipes.


Did another one!


Bamboo cutting boards are useful and inexpensive. Be prepared to be both happy and completely dissatisfied with the results on different boards. The nature of bamboo layered wood guarantees that you will get abrupt light and dark engraving areas. About 50/50 satisfaction with results for me.


That’s why I’ll usually mask it, do the engrave and then shoot it with Minwax Polyshades Mission Oak before removing the masking. The Polyshades darkens (with its stain component) and protects (the poly part). Gives me an even dark engrave instead of the variegated way bamboo often ends up with.


How did you get the engraving’s color to be consistent on the bamboo? Mine is touch and go. Do you color it in?

Nevermind. Just read it.

I didn’t do anything to the board. I too find Bamboo to be really hit and miss. Everything I have done to these is just how they came off the laser. However, at 3.50 each(down from 4.49) I couldn’t pass them up!


What settings did you use please?

Can’t post settings in this forum, thanks to FNL (friendly neighborhood lawyers). I can move it to Beyond the Manual, or you can delete your post.

First attempt on a bamboo cutting board. Was blown away with the detail. Photo taken recently and just received from the photographer. Wanted to try it out on something I hadn’t done yet.!