Band promo packet materials

It didn’t occur to me until last week to use the Glowforge as a tool for creating promo packets for my band. (Nothing fancy, just a little dive-bar 80s/90s classic rock/metal band.) I laser cut the cover of a black folder and backed it with a printout on colored paper, then I made some 2-sided black metal business cards with our logo on one side and social media handles on the other. The guys in the band are blown away, and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out too.


These are the cards I ordered. They laser pretty nicely, but they are VERY thin… like, thinner than a PAPER business card, so they crease very easily. Next time I’m gonna order the thicker “luxury” metal cards.


Seeing your logo in print does give a lot of wow! Nicely done!

It really came out great! Easy to see why they were impressed.