Banging into right side

So I had an engrave, that was not within the “engrave diagonal stripe danger area” but the print head still seems to have crashed into the right side of the machine and thereby offset all future printing by a good half-inch to the left. Ruined the job. What is the best bet here??

Turn off the machine. Slowly and gently move the head all the way to the right and back. Slowly move the gantry all the way forward and back. Make note of any resistance, any place the cable hangs up, or any place the wheels meet resistance.

Tell support what you find, with pictures if you find something.

If there is no resistance that you can find anywhere, print the Gift of Good Measure on the sheet of spare troubleshooting draftboard that support sent with the machine, as close to the place where you were printing the problem print as you can.

Take a screen shot of the post print results that includes the rulers on the screen, and post the results here if there is any misalignment of the engravings on it.

That should get you well down the path to diagnosis. :slightly_smiling_face:


I had this happen to me once. I realized later that I had accidentally moved the print head while the machine was on, after it had calibrated. So the GF did not actually know where the print head was.


I got no perceptible resistance moving the printer head all the way around the perimeter of the print area. I re-ran the job with six parts instead of eight on the single sheet of PG maple ply. When I had the eight lined up, the engrave was right at the edge (but not within) the danger area, and when I had selected the engrave graphic, it did not gray it out like it did when it was in the danger area. If I run into the problem again, I will use the next step you suggested. However, it is aggravating that it seems no engraving is possible at the edges of the print area.

It is - just slow down the speed and lower the power for that one object. (I have to do that sometimes, so I will set up the object for the edge engrave as a different color, then I can do it in it’s own slower step.)