Banned for leaving a bad review (not about the glowforge)


Let’s all remember this before we lip off to Rita :joy:


They control the cloud :slight_smile: Annoy the custmer success associates, and what comes out when we push the print button might not be the expected thing :smiling_imp:

(Just to be clear, I am absolutely joking. Dan and his people are much more professional than I could possibly be in their situation.)


Oh oh. … will be nice now :wink:
Otherwise who knows what our lasers may print :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hey I’m planning on making adult party favors for bachelor/ette parties sooo… unless they put some cute bunnies into the files, they can’t really make it weirder. :smiley:


i mean bad decisions all around, but i can’t believe that guy at the company reacted in such a manner. sure the review was a little blue but i definitely wouldn’t buy their product now (not super comfortable with internet connected locks and doors anyway, but i’ll probably give in eventually).


lol. So if we tick @Rita off, I wonder if she could just make all of our cuts and engraves end half way through…that would be evil… :imp:


What the heck did @Xabbess do to Rita or Dan :smiling_imp:


I do customer support for a product for sale on Amazon. I totally feel this seller’s frustration. I work sometimes 16 hours a day to make sure that customers get support as quickly as possible, replying to customers at 10 PM sometimes, and will bend the rules when I think it is required. To have a customer leave a poor review like this, without first reaching out for support, and with the language included here, I would probably ask for a return also. I would change the language in the reply for sure and I would not advertise the ban, but I would do everything I could to eliminate this customer from what I had to deal with. This type of customer is not worth the effort to try to turn.
Something to remember before you leave a bad review about anything is to ask if you could have given them a chance to make it right. If you haven’t given them a chance, you don’t deserve to leave a bad review.


well, actually, the guy was entirely justified in leaving the review. i don’t disagree it was unnecessarily graphic, but a negative review was justified. it’s simply not cool to ban tech from your servers because of it. period. end.

i mean, right now the full spectrum muse laser isn’t getting many good reviews online. can you imagine if fsl did something to ban those users from cutting stuff? this forum would light. them. up.


Anybody should be able to say whatever they want about their own experiences with something. The creator, in response to his customer’s temper tantrum, had his own temper tantrum and disabled use of the product that the customer rightfully paid for and owns. The customer was wrong. But the creator really needs to have some thicker skin and just suck it up.


Yea, if you can’t take the heat…annoying customers is just a part of business.


I agree that the seller/manufacturer handled it poorly and I agree that you should be able to say what you want, but I still feel that you should give them a chance to make it right. If you aren’t going to give the company a chance to make it right, then send it back and leave be. Every product has a problem or two; let the company at least try. They may not have even seen this behavior. And maybe the actual problem was something simple and easily fixed. Give the company the benefit of the doubt before leaving that review and if they can’t make it right, then you leave a review stating clearly what you used the product for and why it failed so that others can learn from your experience. Reviews like this aren’t constructive for anyone.


A negative review is justified AFTER trying to sort it out with support from the company, and without positive resolution. The customer above never gave the seller the opportunity. Nobody here would like it if they sold something and some customer had a problem but instead of given the opportunity to make it right, the customer just crapped all over the product.

Yes, you’re going to have annoying customers as a matter of business, but people also lose their tact when they get to hide behind a keyboard, and say things they know they couldn’t get away with in person.

Online reviews also live indefinitely, and now that Brick & Mortar Retail is dead, more people pay attention to the reviews because its their only reference.

No, I don’t think it’s cool to deny the access to the server if that is the ONLY way the unit will function, killing the unit’s core functionality. If the unit would still work by other normal means, ie: remote control or physical buttons, then denying the cloud access IMHO is a reasonable means to persuade a persistent PITA to pack the thing up and send it back just so you don’t have to deal with them at all. That type of customer will never be happy with anything no matter how perfectly it operates after getting it taken care of, they let their first 10 minute experience ruin the next years of possible enjoyment.

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A Bad review of a Bad product is different from a Good review of a Bad Product. Discussing your anger, disappointment and frustration is different from expressing it directly. On both sides of the review, they participants could have been a bit more helpful in expressing communication that allowed further communication to go forward. Swear words are still a red flag in many forums, but banning immediately, maybe other options are available.


no, sorry, i don’t think you get to just cripple a core functionality because you got mad at a customer.

if he wanted it returned, the thing to do would have been to offer that and an apology for the impact this had. that takes the wind out of most angry customers’ sales right there. this is just showing that the company can’t be trusted, ever. if they’re that willing to lock someone out, what if i complained about the product on my facebook but forgot to make it private? would the company ban mine too? revolting precedent.


I agree. I understand the need to “fire” a customer. I’ve had to do it myself. But it takes an awful lot over a long time to justify that. A customer who is emotional and angry isn’t making the best decisions. You have to understand that and try to be better than the ranting customer is. Sometimes you win them over and you don’t need to fire them. Sometimes not.

I always think about this scene whenever someone complains about customer service or I feel like launching defcon 4 on someone (usually the airlines :slight_smile:)


Well, to interpret it another way… the support dude may have just worded it horribly.

Support: “I don’t have the patience to deal with this. The device has had its access removed from the cloud. Your only recourse is to now return it to Amazon.”

Unsaid: Amazon gives you the option of declaring it BROKEN and requesting another replacement item which, presumably, would have been enabled for the cloud out-of-the-box. What’s not said is whether his account is denied access, only whether the device is denied access. The customer can presumably stick it out and try again, or they can get their money back.

Completely poor way of portraying it to the customer, however.

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it wasn’t a support guy, it was the owner / ceo / whatever his title is

Well whoever he is, he had the power to disable a device’s access into their cloud. Owner or support – it doesn’t really matter, does it?